Religious and Ethical Orientations of Muslim Refugees

  • Ednan AslanEmail author
Part of the Wiener Beiträge zur Islamforschung book series (WSI)


The heavy influx of refugees into Austria in 2015 rendered the integration of newcomers a particular challenge at the top of the political agenda. On one hand there is much debate on the dangers posed by the refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, on the other hand various measures have been taken by cities and municipalities that aim to integrate the people coming into the country into society. A particular difficulty undoubtedly arises from the completely new nature of the tasks to be accomplished. In any case, the integration of these people into the education system and the labor market requires a thorough analysis of their skills and qualifications to ensure that the measures taken actually reach them. This contribution presents the results of a study of the religious and ethical ideas of Muslim refugees in the city of Graz.


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