Awesome Hip-Hop-Humans – Eine feministische und queere Hip-Hop- Szene bringt sich in Bewegung. Die Revolution frisst ihre Kinder auch im Hip-Hop

Part of the Jahrbuch für Musikwirtschafts- und Musikkulturforschung book series (JMMF)


The article shows a autobiographical insight into more than ten years of German hiphop culture. Experiences and his-/herstories are reported. The author has developed a very personal perspective on hip-hop as a seismograph of societies, cultures and economies through her many years of commitment as a rapper, politically active artist, teacher, supporter of non-binary projects and artists, the queer community and her own activities in journalism and science. After all the frustrations and gruelling experiences in these contexts, her conclusion ends with constructive hints and outlooks.


German Hip-Hop queer anti-fascism his/herstory political autobiography 


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