Vehicle Data for Automated Driving over the Vehicles Lifecycle

  • Gerald-Alexander BeeseEmail author
  • Helge Kiebach
Conference paper
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As todays modern state of the art vehicles are underlying incremental changes with regard especially to ‘Automated Driving’ (e.g. sensor suite, control units, processing units), ‘Connectivity’ (e.g. software updates, over-the-air, infotainment), ‘Electrification’ (e.g. battery cells, drive train), and ‘Shared Mobility’ (e.g. changing customers behaviour, changing markets, different usage of the car), vehicle data gains in importance. Thus, this article focuses on data and data sets generated during the usage of vehicle fleets in general and individual vehicles in particular. In addition to the general relevance of vehicle data for several stakeholders and interested parties, further complexity arises due to the development of vehicles from driver operated mobility devices towards system enhanced automated driving systems (according to the five level SAE approach).


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