Open Cars and Data Protection in the United States of America

  • Lothar DetermannEmail author
  • Bruce Perens
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Openness, data access and data protection have become important attributes, features and value factors for cars and mobility services more broadly. An open car comes with interoperable interfaces and openly disclosed software and hardware for technology upgrades, aftermarket products, services and security researchers. The open car can protect data privacy and security as well or better as proprietary automotive products do today. The closed car remains controlled by its original manufacturer, which is in most cases a large company with a strong brand, good safety track record, well-capitalized, subsidized or supported by governments, and generally considered more trustworthy than many smaller companies. Owners of closed cars will have less options und depend on the original manufacturers with respect to data privacy and security protections. Compared to the closed, proprietary car, the open car comes out ahead based on technology, competition, sustainability and environmental policy considerations. Car makers and buyers should start considering, communicating and bargaining about the degree of openness of vehicle interfaces and data access - as well as data protection and privacy safeguards relating to cars and mobility services.


connected car autonomous driving privacy data ownership mobility data 


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