Directivity Based Reference for the Generalized Multichannel Wiener Filter

  • Simon GrimmEmail author
Part of the Schriftenreihe der Institute für Systemdynamik (IDS) und optische Systeme (ISO) book series (SISOS)


In this chapter, different references for the G-MWF are presented. In [6], the magnitude of the response \( \tilde{H}_{d} \) was designed to improve the broadband output SNR, whereas the phase term of \( \tilde{H}_{d} \) was set equal to the phase of the ATF in the reference microphone. In [7], an MWF formulation with partial equalization (P-MWF) was introduced, where the overall transfer function was chosen as the envelope of the individual ATFs with the phase of an arbitrary reference microphone. This results in a partial equalization of the acoustic system and an improved broadband output SNR.


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