The status quo of online media accountability in Latin America

  • Mariella BastianEmail author
Part of the Studies in International, Transnational and Global Communications book series (SITGC)


Having taken as a starting point the analytical and empirical framework for an analysis of the relationship between media and accountability in Latin America (Parts I and II), and the underlying conditions for the development of media accountability in the region (Part III), an extended picture also requires a closer look at the extent to which the media are actually held accountable, and which actors are involved in these processes. Hence, this and the following chapters focus on media accountability instruments and structures, drawing back on both innovative (online) media accountability instruments, and traditional ones (Fengler et al., 2011). First, results of a quantitative content analysis (Section 6.2) are presented giving insight into online media accountability structures in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay; and second, results of desk research and expert interviews (Section 6.1) show which instruments can be found in the countries under study and how they actually work in the specific environments.


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