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The achievement of sustained competitive advantage (SCA) and superior performance is the most crucial task of every business endeavor, because it is the sine qua non for the enterprise’s long-term survival (Drucker 1954, p. 3; Porter 1985, p. xv; Schumpeter 1942, p. 82). Due to the ever-changing nature of the business environment, a firm’s attention to the market developments and the continuous adaptation of the firm’s strategy is of decisive importance for keeping pace with customers and succeeding against competitors (Christensen 2001, pp. 105; D’Aveni 1995, pp. 45; Wiggins and Ruefli 2005, pp. 887). Fuelling the entire organization with market insights and orchestrating all customer- and competitor-directed activities, marketing plays an essential role in securing a firm’s SCA and survivability (Feng, Morgan and Rego 2015, pp. 13; Krush, Sohi, and Saini 2015, pp. 32; Kumar et al. 2011, pp. 16; Slater and Narver 1995, p. 66).


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