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Homosexual men are perceived to be gender inverts, possessing character traits and exhibiting behaviors stereotypically associated with women (Kite & Deaux, 1987), and research findings suggested that both aspects–homosexuality and perceived gender nonconformity– contribute to negative reactions toward homosexual men (e.g., Lehavot & Lambert, 2007). Moral psychology research further suggested that particularly homosexual-SBs are associated with the elicitation of the moral emotion disgust and moral judgment (e.g., Inbar et al., 2012; Paolucci, 2008). Based on the assumptions by the CAD-hypothesis (Rozin et al., 1999) and previous research (e.g., Paolucci, 2008) in this thesis I asked the questions whether homosexual-SBs elicit disgust and influence moral judgment, an effect repeatedly reported in the literature as discussed in Section 1.2, and whether gender-NCBs elicit contempt and influence moral judgment.


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