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Health is known to be a multidimensional construct that includes not only physical, but cognitional, nutritional, sleep, emotional and social aspects (Eberst, 1984; Huber et al., 2011). In this context, large parts of AHA technology research try to improve older adults’ health and quality of life in these domains (Mason, 2016) and according to several study results, they seem to be successful in doing so (Conn et al., 2009; Gillespie et al., 2012; Gschwind et al., 2015). However, what we can observe is that the uptake and long-term use of AHA technologies by older adults and related stakeholders is low and sustainable health impacts and changes of practices and attitudes with respect to health barely happen (Di Pasquale et al., 2013; Fitzpatrick and Ellingsen, 2013; Jarman, 2014; Ogonowski et al., 2016; Wan et al., 2016).


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