The Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation’s Work in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

  • Walter Klitz
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The liberal Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation (FNS) has been active in Israel for 30 years and in the Palestinian Territories for 20 years. Compared to the other foundations and NGOs active in this region, it is unique in that an Israeli-Palestinian team supervises projects on both sides in a shared office in East Jerusalem. They work with partners sharing liberal values and introduce them to public discourse. Focusing on individual freedom, the FNS pays special attention to the problematic relationship between state and religion. Interreligious dialogue, religious paternalism and religious education are at the core of the work of the FNS and its partner organizations. The high density of NGOs in Israel and the Palestinian Territories is challenging and increasing restrictions against foreign NGOs by the Israeli government and also by the Palestinian Authority are making the work of the FNS more difficult.

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