‘Noticing’ in the Practice of Modelling as Real World Problem Solving

  • Peter Galbraith
Part of the Realitätsbezüge im Mathematikunterricht book series (REIMA)


The discipline of ‘noticing’ has received recent attention as an essential ability of a perceptive and effective mathematics teacher. While this interest has been overwhelmingly directed towards its significance in ‘within classroom’ contexts, with conventional curricular topics, its relevance to the learning and teaching of mathematical modelling deserves elaboration. This includes the initial identification of problem rich situations (a frequently neglected element in teaching), and the maximising of educational opportunities that they present, as well as mentor activity in learning settings. This chapter looks at ways that ‘noticing’ is involved in these three facets of modelling education, and identifies characteristics that have the potential to increase effectiveness in designing tasks, and supporting the development of modelling expertise with novice learners. It is directed to the challenge of preparing future citizens with skills to apply mathematics to address problems in everyday life, society, and the workplace.


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