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Wehr Powerhouse Cavern

  • Walter Wittke


The Hornberg Stage of the Hotzenwald Works belonging to the Schluchseewerk AG is located in the Southern Black Forest, Federal Republic of Germany. It is a pumped storage scheme with a head of some 600 m and an installed capacity of 1160 MW [27A], (Fig. 27A). The upper reservoir on top of the Hornberg and the lower reservoir in the Wehra valley each have a storage capacity of some 4 · 106 m3 (Fig. 27.2). The structures consist of the 219 m long, 19 m wide and 33 m high underground powerhouse, the valve gallery and the upstream and downstream manifolds. The powerhouse has an overburden of some 350 m above its roof (Figs. 27.2 and 27.3).


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