Chamdo to Riwoqê: “We Know where we are, but not where we’re going”

  • Richard Langlais


“Tibetans are not against progress, nor living comfortably. Nor are we necessarily against the Chinese. But when we look at the last thirty years in Tibet, then we have to ask ourselves how much things have improved. Not much, we can say. In some ways, yes, but you just have to look at the Chinese part of town to see that the Chinese are looking after themselves first. Lately, things have improved. Tibetans have an ancient and deep culture. If we can continue to study our old books, to live according to our beliefs, to travel to Lhasa and support the monasteries, then we will be relatively content with things and we will work hard to improve conditions along with the Chinese. And one more thing; now we know about the outside world and we are curious about it. Why can’t we be allowed to go there to see for ourselves, like you have come to us? Of course, I understand why we cannot, but I don’t have to like it being this way. It is something we hope for.”


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