Creation, Migration and Observation of Longitudinal Multiple-Spin Order

  • Geoffrey Bodenhausen
Conference paper


Multiple-spin order may be regarded as a longitudinal counterpart of multiple-quantum coherence. In quadrupolar systems, multiple-spin order may be represented by expanding the density operator into irreducible tensor operators T10 (Zeeman order), T20 (quadrupolar order), T30 (octupolar order), etc. In systems of weakly-coupled spin 1/2 nuclei, such as coupled protons in isotropic phase, it is more convenient to speak of operator terms such as I1z, 2I1zI2z, 4I1zI2zI3z,etc, which correspond to longitudinal one-, two- and three-spin order, the latter being loosely referred to as zz- and zzz-order.


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