Two-Dimensional NMR Separation of Inhomogeneous vs. Homogeneous Lineshapes in the Glassy State: 87Rb in Proton Glass Dradp

  • J. Dolinšek
Conference paper


In systems with a glassy type of disorder NMR absorption lines are strongly inhomogeneously broadened thus completely masking the shape of a homogeneous line. A two-dimensional NMR technique is capable of showing in one frequency domain the inhomogeneous frequency distribution characteristic for glassy disorder whereas in the second frequency domain the undestorted homogeneous lineshape appears. The inhomogeneous lineshape is a convolution of the frequency distribution function f(Ѵ) which is konwn theoretically (1) and the homogeneous lineshape. 2D technique thus makes it possible to get the pure experimental f(Ѵ) via a deconvolution of the inhomogeneous lineshape with the homogeneous one.


64.70.Pf 76.60.-k 


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  • J. Dolinšek
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  1. 1.J. Stefan InstituteUniversity of LjubljanaLjubljanaYugoslavia

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