Application of the Tamm-Dancoff-Method to the Lee-Model

  • W. Heisenberg
Part of the Gesammelte Werke / Collected Works book series (HEISENBERG, volume A / 3)


The new Tamm-Dancoff-method is applied to the Lee-model, after the renormalization for the special case of the ‘dipole-ghost’ had been carried out. The Tamm-Dancoffmethod leads to the exact solutions. Contravariant representations of the state vectors by means of the renormalized operators can be found only if these operators are spread out over finite time intervals, i.e. if integrals of the operators over finite time intervals are applied to the state vector of the vacuum.


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  • W. Heisenberg
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  1. 1.Max-Planck-Institut für PhysikGöttingen Deutschland

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