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The Future of Hemofiltration

  • L. W. Henderson


Predilution hemofiltration (HF) was initiated as a test strategy to evaluate the pathophysiologic significance of “middle molecules” for the uremic patient [1, 2]. As such, the system was devised for use in the patient with stable end stage renal failure (ESRF). As originally applied, it was recognized to be at a disadvantage in the removal of low molecular weight solutes (<350 daltons) when compared with hemodialysis (HD). Since then many changes have occurred in how convective mass transport is applied. Postdilution vs predilution [3] as a means of economizing on diluting fluid, hemodiafiltration (HDF)[4,5,6] which combines the best of both diffusion and convection, and continuous low efficiency HF for the treatment of acute renal failure (ARF)[7] are some of the creative applications to which this ultrafiltration methodology has been put. In placing this spectrum of techniques into the special perspective of “the future of hemofiltration” I wish to take a brief backward look in order to have you join me in extrapolating this line of development into the future.


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