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Hemodynamics in Hemofiltration

  • C. A. Baldamus


Hemodynamic disturbances during end-stage renal disease (ESRD) treatment are clinically observable as changes in blood pressure, predominantly hypotension. The incidence of symptomatic hypotension during hemodialysis has increased in recent years in spite of the fact that dialysis regimes have been altered to three times weekly. The French dialysis registry reports a rise in the incidence of symptomatic hypotension from 15% in 1973 to 25% in 1979 [1–3]. This increased risk of hypotension is due to several independent factors, of which rapid fluid withdrawal during shortened treatment time seems to be the most important, but increasing age and multimorbidity of the dialysis population also seem to contribute. In fact from 1973 to 1970, patients’ mean age increased from 41 to 48 years, and mean treatment time decreased from 19 to 12 h a week [4, 5]. Increasing frequency of transplantation, mainly among the uncomplicated ESRD patient pool, constitutes an additional factor.


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