The History of Hemofiltration

  • M. J. Lysaght


Writers in scientific and medical journals are fond of such sentences as “Polyvorpal Trans-jabberition, first introduced by Smith in 1958195–203” or “Polyvorpal Trans-jabberitation was developed by Smith 204–221 and Jones 222–250 in the late 50s.” Such statements are rarely false, but are often oversimplified, inaccurate, and misleading. Scientific developments do not typically enjoy a discreet birthing, but instead emerge and take form rather like a major river gathering mass and momentum from disperse watersheds and from the confluence of many minor tributaries. Moreover, qualities such as perseverance, practicality, endurance, and exactitude are at least as important indices of a contributor’s merit as is simple primacy. Accordingly, the purpose of this chapter is not to assign priority for the development of hemofiltration (HF), but rather to review the fascinating history of how and why this therapy came to be.


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