Computer Analysis of Platelet Volumes

  • G. Dighiero
  • C. Lesty
  • M. Leporrier
  • M. C. Couty
Conference paper


A Coulter ZB was used to measure electronically the size of circulating platelets collected from normal subjects. EDTA or ACD were used for collection. Three mathematical models of volume histograms were tested. The lognormal law model is clearly unacceptable if all particles are used, but is applicable in the particle range of 3–15 µ3. The model of a mixture of two lognormal populations closely approximates observed volume distribution. The model of three lognormal populations also approximates well when the largest volume population is divided into two subpopulations. The contribution of these results to an understanding of heterogeneity in platelet size is discussed.

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  • G. Dighiero
  • C. Lesty
  • M. Leporrier
  • M. C. Couty

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