Practical Management of Computed Tomography

  • B. E. Kendall
  • I. F. Moseley
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Each scanning procedure is controlled by a radiologist who has made himself familiar with the previous evaluation of the patient. He decides on the sections and projections to be taken, inspects the first section in order to remedy any positioning fault or correctable artefacts, checks subsequent sections as they are processed and initiates further projections if necessary. He is ready to explain and reassure, to administer sedatives and contrast medium when indicated and to treat any reaction which may occur. He interrogates data using a diagnostic console and obtains such hard copy at additional electronic window levels and widths as may be helpful in diagnosis. It is thus essential that the radiologist is available in the scan room if good quality examinations are to be achieved. If two or three scanners are installed to work back to back, or the scanning department is within the main X-ray department, the radiologist’s time can be used more efficiently.


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