A Possibility of Seismic Activity Induction by Technogenic Processes in KaraBogaz-Gol Gulf

  • Batyr Karryev
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASEN, volume 4)


Increased seismic activity recently observed in the Caspian sea and its surroundings place on the background of abrupt changes in its level’s regime (fig. la). As it was shown before, a modern rise in the Caspian sea level corresponds not only to fluctuations in water balance within its bounds but in the whole basin of rivers feeding it and climate characteristics (sediments, temperature etc.) as well (Ashirov et al., 1992). A possible cause for this phenomenon can be asiribed seismotectonic reason which seems to be real when taking into account modern movement along the Caspian sea perimeter (Ashirov et al., 1992; Odekov, Durdyev, 1990; Shikhalibeli, Grigoryante, 1983). It is supposed that the Caspian sea bottom is involved into vertical raising, and, thus, the intensive rise of the basin’s level is due to a change in its geometry. Evidence to the fact are to be found both in geological peculiar formations of the Caspian sea basin and in data characterising its present state - that is in a level regime, seismicity, recent tectonic movement data, etc.


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  • Batyr Karryev
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  1. 1.Institute of Seismology, Turkmenian ASAshgabatTurkmenistan

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