On Origination of Longlasting Electric Anomalies above Underground Explosion Foci

  • M. Ya. Balbachan
  • M. B. Gokhberg
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASEN, volume 4)


There are known electromagnetic phenomena at explosive destruction of rocks. In particular, electromagnetic pulses were observed whose nature is generally associated with effects of charged gas-dust blow (Adushkin BV al. 1989). Besides electromagnetic fields at nuclear explosions are attributed to corpuscular radiation (Moscow, 1974). However, at underground explosions which are not followed by gas blow into the atmosphere, the possibility of any electromagnetic phenomena on the surface is still under question. On the other hand, various electromagnetic phenomena were observed in the process of the earthquake preparation, in particular quasielectrostatic fields in soil and atmosphere (Moscow, 1982). Different interpretations of the nature of those effects agree in admitting determination and destruction of rocks to be the cause of it. For this reason one can expect corresponding phenomena at underground explosions as well. The authors know of many reports concerning origination of quasistatic electric fields above the foci of underground nuclear explosions. For example, after such an explosion on Novaya Zemlya which was not followed by gas-dust release, fluorescence in the atmosphere, was observed, resembling the crown or torch-light discharges (fig. 1). Such phenomena are possible at a local growth of electric field tension and concentration of ions in the air by more then one order. Investigations in this direction have not been held yet.


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  • M. Ya. Balbachan
    • 1
  • M. B. Gokhberg
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  1. 1.Joint Institute of Physics of the EarthMoscowRussia

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