Possible Mechanism of Inducing Earthquakes by Underground Nuclear Explosions

  • Sergey Balassanian
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASEN, volume 4)


The experience accumulated over a period of 20 years’ earthquake research particularly with respect to prediction suggests that many of experimental points could hardly be explained in the context of existing earthquake origination mechanical model, namely: deep focus earthquakes with hypocenters located within the plastic asthenospheric material; earthquake triggers of different physical nature from chromospheric flashes at the Sun to sharp change of Asthenosphere electricity; appearance of precursors at the distances several times exceeding the size of earthquake preparation zone in all states of matter (solid, liquid and gaseous) and any of media accessible to observation (lithosphere, lower layers of atmosphere, ionosphere, biosphere); etc.


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  • Sergey Balassanian
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  1. 1.National Survey of Seismic Protection under the RA GovernmentDavidashen IV MassiveYerevanRepublic of Armenia

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