Virtual Endoscopy of the Vessels

  • T. H. Wiese
  • P. Rogalla
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


Advances in CT and MRI technology enabling the rapid acquisition of volumetric data sets with high-resolution isotropic pixels or voxels have stimulated dramatic developments in three-dimensional (3D) image postprocessing techniques for clinical use (Rubin et al. 1996). Three-dimensional images rendered from two-dimensional (2D) source data sets facilitate the quantitative and qualitative analysis of complex morphologic and pathologic structures (Roelandt et al. 1994). Although the 3D images created by various rendering techniques in general do not contain more information than the original data sets, they often help the reviewer to grasp spatial relationships, for instance when assessing the extent of a pathologic process (Bartolozzi et al. 1998; Remy et al. 1998). Moreover, 3D reconstructions from sectional images provide new tools for teaching anatomy (Remy et al. 1998).


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