Low Speed Wind Tunnel Investigations on a Fighter Aircraft Forebody at High Angle of Attack

  • K. Widing
Conference paper
Part of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics book series (IUTAM)


Low speed wind tunnel investigations of a fighter aircraft forebody at high angle of attack and sideslip have been carried out. With the intention to simplify the complex flow situation it was decided to work with part-models of the aircraft forebody. The main purpose was to study the Re-number effects by testing at various free stream velocities but also by using different model scales. The test programme included force and pressure measurements and also oil flow tests to visualize the boundary layer flow on the surface of the forebody. The investigation has shown that the flow is extremely sensitive to the Re-number and very pronounced differences have been found with different models even at the same Re-number. Furthermore, it has been found that active directional control of the aircraft by use of different forebody add-on devices appears promising. This initial investigation will be followed by further work to improve knowledge concerning the flow problems involved.


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  • K. Widing
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  1. 1.The Aeronautical Reseach Institute of Sweden (FFA)BrommaSweden

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