Kavitation bzw. Korrosion

  • K. Springorum


Es ist beabsichtigt, die Vorträge durch einige Erfahrungen aus der Praxis an Hand von Lichtbildern zu ergänzen.

Cavitation and Corrosion


The view is herein advanced that the choice of suitable material is as important as correct design in the avoidance of propeller erosion and corrosion. The case is instanced of pre-war propellers of British manufacture for some Austrian destroyers which corroded after 24 hours full power trials and were eaten through after 8 days service necessitating complete renewal. In 1915 German propellers were supplied; and despite heavy service during the War showed no sign of wear. The German alloy had an ultimate strength of 52–55 kg/, 28–32 percent elongation and 180 degrees cold bend.


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