Evaluation of User Interface Description Languages for Model-Based User Interface Development in the German Automotive Industry

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Developing human-machine-interfaces (HMI) in the automotive industry is a time-consuming and complex task, involving different companies (car manufacturers, suppliers, translators, designers) and teams with different backgrounds. One way to improve the current problems arising from communication and documentation deficits is to formalize the specification to make it easier to read, to structure and to analyze. The project automotiveHMI aims to create a domain-specific modeling language for HMI development in the automotive industry. As part of the project, current specification processes and artifacts as well as the related roles were analyzed. During the analysis 18 criteria which should be fulfilled by a domain-specific modeling language have been identified. The criteria are used to evaluate existing modeling languages and to set objectives for the development of a new modeling language focusing the cross-company and cross-team development of model-based HMIs in the automotive industry.


Automotive User Interface Model-Based User Interface Development Task Analysis User Roles 


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  2. 2.German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)KaiserslauternGermany

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