Petrological Monitoring of Volcán de Colima Magmatic System: The 1998 to 2011 Activity

  • Olivier ReubiEmail author
  • Jonathan Blundy
  • Joe Pickles
Part of the Active Volcanoes of the World book series (AVOLCAN)


Volcán de Colima’s nearly continuous activity since 1998 has shifted repeatedly from effusive to explosive Vulcanian eruptions. Strong explosions occurred in 1999 and 2005, which raised concerns that the current eruptive phase may lead to a major Plinian eruption, as in 1913. Understanding the processes controlling the eruptive style and intensity, and identifying the associated precursory signals, are essential for hazard mitigation. Here we present an overview of the petrology of the magmas erupted since 1998 and use these data to constrain the storage conditions and pre-eruptive evolution of the magmas. The potential of research strategies linking underground magmatic processes with geophysical and geochemical surface records, an essential step to identify key precursory signals, is established by comparing the melt inclusion and volcanic earthquakes record. The significance of the 1998–2011 activity in the context of historical eruption cycles is addressed by comparing the petrology of the 1998–2011 magmas with magmas from the 1913 Plinian eruption. This demonstrates the importance of mafic recharges before the major cycle-ending Plinian eruptions.


Petrology Geochemistry Magmatic system Volatiles 


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