Monitoring the Recent Activity: Understanding a Complex System

  • N. R. VarleyEmail author
Part of the Active Volcanoes of the World book series (AVOLCAN)


The recent history (from 1998) of Volcán de Colima witnessed the most intense period of activity since the last catastrophic eruption in 1913. During this period, monitoring efforts were increased, resulting in a large quantity of data, whose integration is enabling significant advances in the understanding of the eruptive mechanism of the volcano. New insights have been possible, like the definition of what drives the multi-time-scale cyclicity. In this chapter we summarize the different components of the monitoring network on Volcán de Colima and give an overview of some of the most important data that has been generated in recent years. Details of the activity during this important period are reviewed, together with the hazards associated with the different styles of eruption.


Monitoring Precursors Explosive activity Effusive activity SO2 flux 



I wish to thank the many CIIV students who have devoted their time in Colima to obtain and process data. In particular Sam Thiele for the creation of the 3D thermal and photographic models, and Will Hutchison for the thermal analysis during 2007–2010. Thanks to RESCO (Gabriel Reyes & Raúl Arámbula) for the dedication required to maintain a telemetered seismic network and for access to data. The University of Hamburg (Matthias Hort & Lea Scharff) installed the Doppler radar system. Thanks to John Stevenson for helping me launch many of the monitoring efforts. Some SO2 flux data presented was collected and processed by CENAPRED and Robin Campion (UNAM).


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