Personal-Hosting RESTful Web Services for Social Network Based Recommendation

  • Youliang Zhong
  • Weiliang Zhao
  • Jian Yang
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7084)


Recommender systems have been widely used in information filtering. However the existing recommendation methods do not work effectively in the situations when a group of people want to share information and make recommendations within a social network. In this paper we propose a personal-hosting web services architecture ph-REST for social network based recommendation, in which every user is represented by a dedicated RESTful web services engine that collaborates with others over a social structure formed by co-peers with common interests. The proposed architecture explores the potential of applying service and Cloud computing to personal and social information sharing and assimilation.


Personal-hosting web services Social network based recommendation Recommendation methods 


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  • Youliang Zhong
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  • Weiliang Zhao
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  • Jian Yang
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