Enthalpy of mixing of Ti-Zr (titanium-zirconium) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the enthalpy of mixing of Ti-Zr (titanium-zirconium) system.


After estimating the enthalpies of mixing by Kaufman et al. [70Kau], later on, Thiedemann et al. [99Thi] have experimentally determined ΔHL-values using the levitation alloying calorimetry at a mean temperature of 2340 K. The ΔHL - values are, within the scatter of experimental error, not markedly dependent on temperature. The results, as given by [99Thi], are plotted in Fig. 1.

The estimated ΔHL- values are much smaller. The minimum of the negative data is about ΔHL = −1.36 kJ mol−1.
Fig. 1

Ti-Zr. Enthalpies of mixing determined by [99Thi]

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integral enthalpy of mixing of a liquid alloy


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