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Hematologic Findings in Mycobacterial Infections Among Immunosuppressed and Immunocompetent Patients

  • Görgün Akpek


The relationship between hematologic abnormalities and mycobacterial infections dates back to the beginning of the 20th Century. Flinn and his colleagues suggested at that time that the change in hematologic parameters is the earliest finding of tuberculosis (TB) (Flinn and Finn 1929). The authors said ’In connection with the above studies we have formed the impression that an extension of the pathologic process in a tuberculosis lung usually manifests itself first in the blood picture, later by physical signs and x-ray, and often last of all by Symptoms.’ Before embarking upon a general discussion of hematologic manifestations of mycobacterial infections, I would like to present two cases that were previously discussed at the Medical Staff Conference in the University of San Francisco, California, USA, in 1967. These cases have certain features of the history and clinical findings of TB, in particular, the striking difference in the hematological manifestations between the two cases. A brief summary about the demographics and clinical presentation of Mycobacterium TB infection is included thereafter.


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