The Treated Thorax in Patients with Hematological Malignancies

  • BenoîT Mesurolle
  • Nobuyuki Tanaka
  • John Kosiuk
  • FrançOis Mignon
  • Sylvain Choquet
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Thoracic complications and changes are frequent in patients with hematological malignancies. In those patients with advanced hematological malignancies pulmonary complications, mostly related to chemotherapy, can be a leading cause of death. Tenholder and Hooper found that 98% of leukemic patients showed pulmonary complications at autopsy (TENHOLDER and HOOPER 1980). Of note however, in recent years the frequency of radiation-induced complications has decreased. As the number of survivors increases, several late effects of treatment are becoming evident, some of them — second malignancies, cardiovascular complications — emerging as a major threat to the survival of these patients. To offer the best in patient care, it is imperative to understand the natural history of the disease as well as the treatment related complications and changes. In this chapter, post-therapeutic thoracic changes after chemotherapy and radiation therapy are discussed and illustrated.


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