Atomic Force Microscopy: Interaction Forces Measured in Phospholipid Monolayers, Bilayers and Cell Membranes

  • Zoya Leonenko
  • David T. Cramb
  • Matthias Amrein
  • Eric Finot
Part of the Nano Science and Technolgy book series (NANO)


Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a powerful technique which is commonly used to image surfaces at the nanoscale and single-molecule level, as well as to investigate physical properties of the sample surface using a technique known as force spectroscopy. In this chapter, we review our recent research where we used AFM to investigate physical properties of phospholipid monolayers, bilayers, and cell membranes. We describe the experimental procedures for AFM imaging, force measurements, and theoretical models to analyze force spectroscopy data. The data obtained allowed correlations between AFM topography and local adhesion and mechanoelastic properties of supported lipid bilayers in water, supported pulmonary surfactant films in air, and the plasma membrane of epithelial type II cells. Finally, AFM was applied to help elucidate the effect of anesthetics and cholesterol present in the lipid films.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Zoya Leonenko
    • 1
  • David T. Cramb
    • 2
  • Matthias Amrein
    • 1
  • Eric Finot
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, Faculty of MedicineUniversity of CalgaryCalgaryCanada
  2. 2.Department of ChemistryUniversity of CalgaryCalgaryCanada
  3. 3.Institut Carnot de Bourgogne, UMR 5209 CNRSUniversité de BourgogneBourgogneFrance

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