“Law of the Things in the Macao Civil Code: An Extension of the Roman-Germanic System Built Upon the Classic Concept of Ownership”
  • António Malheiro de Magalhães
Conference paper

Above all, I am compelled to praise Dr. Tong Io Cheng for the brilliant choice of the theme he selected as the object of his presentation. To be fair, on deciding to deal with the Law of the Things, particularly as regards the Ownership Law that is actually regulated in the Macao Civil Code, Dr. Tong Io Cheng is contributing in an unquestionable way to the study of the Roman-Germanic origin of the Macao Legal system that is based on the Portuguese matrix and whose shell shall remain basically unchanged in the next decades.

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  • António Malheiro de Magalhães
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  1. 1.University of Coimbra, Paço das EscolasCoimbraPortugal
  2. 2.Universidade Lusófona PortoPortugal

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