Trend of Evolution of Chinese Mainland Prosecutorial System in the Context of Judicial Reform

  • Guo Lixin
Conference paper

The prosecutorial system is one of the important components of modern legal system. Compared with the police and the judicatory systems, the prosecution part comes quite late, but plays a unique and irreplaceable role in maintaining legal unification, checks and balances, and safeguarding human rights. Due to special social and historical environment and different legal and cultural traditions, especially different constitutional systems, the prosecutorial system in different countries diversifies in its construction and practice, which embraces different perspectives in value choices. As one of the organic parts of modern legal system, the prosecutorial system of Chinese mainland develops by absorbing the essence of Chinese traditional political and legal system and borrowing experience from foreign countries. It is a unique socialist prosecutorial system with distinctive features conforming to the conditions of China, reflecting Chinese legal culture and the developments of modern prosecutorial systems.


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