TM Waves at Two Stratified Interfaces

  • Mathias Schubert
Part of the Springer Tracts in Modern Physics book series (STMP, volume 209)


Two interfaces, separated by a distance d, embrace a film with dielectric function ɛf between two half-infinite media (ambient: ɛa}, and substrate:ɛb). A similar search for TM modes as show in Appendix E for a single interface, directs to the dispersion relation for SP modes, which may now be bound to either side of the film. The line of derivation given here can easily be used for dissection of SP resonance conditions in heterostructures with more than two interfaces starting over again with the interlaced Fresnel formulas for the p-polarization of stratified media [1]. To begin with here, it is helpful to recognize that (E.12) is identical with the denominator of the p-polarized Fresnel reflection coefficient (Sect. 2.5). With ni=√ɛi and Snell’s law


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