Research Challenges in the Internet of Things (IoTs)

  • Seema Begum
  • Yao Nianmin
  • Syed Bilal Hussain ShahEmail author
  • Inam Ullah Khan
  • Satish Anamalamudi
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In the age of the technology and in the field of Computer Networking, devices integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) resulted in a variety of popular E-Health, E-Commerce and E-Home. The Internet of Things will be next revolutionary term in the today internet. An important function of the IoT is to create various types of technologies, standards and then to integrate them. Today, the capacities of IoT are improving by establishing security for both small and large applications. To help and determine the direction of future research, IoT security challenges and privacy issues will be highlighted in this chapter. The chapter analyzes compares and consolidates the existing research, presents new findings and discusses innovations in the security of the IoT. The challenges in this chapter must be addressed, if the full potential of IoT is to be realized.


Internet of Things (IoT) Research and development (R&D) Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) M2M, PC IP SIoTs POS ICTs MANETs RF IEEE 


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