Treatment of Mandibular Deformities Related to TMD by Vertical Ramus Distraction Osteogenesis

  • Thomas Klit PedersenEmail author
  • Sven Erik Nørholt


To re-establish the dental occlusion, mandibular position and facial appearance, different orthognathic surgical options may be considered. These options include mandibular or bimaxillary surgery or alloplastic joint reconstruction, possibly combined with maxillary surgery. In cases with moderate deformity and minor malocclusion, an acceptable result can be achieved with orthodontic compensatory treatment combined with chin augmentation. Finally, vertical distraction osteogenesis (DO) with or without maxillary surgery may be considered and will be the focus of this chapter.


Distraction osteogenesis Bone formation Temporomandibular Ramus Biomechanics 


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