Suspicion of Pulmonary Embolism

  • Alessandro LocatelliEmail author
  • Ilaria Nicoletti
  • Carla Avallato


Acute pulmonary embolism (PE) consists in the acute obstruction of one or more branches of the pulmonary artery; the obstruction can be total or partial, and the material, usually of thrombotic origin, comes from their site of formation. Venous thrombi, in about half of patients, dislodge from the deep vein of the lower limbs. Sometimes the material can be made up of amniotic fluid, air, or CO2. In cases of massive PE with cardiogenic shock, the symptoms are clinically obvious, but in most cases, the symptoms are vague, so it is essential to assume clinical suspicion.


Pulmonary embolism Cardiogenic shock Right ventricle overload Two-dimensional echocardiography Pulmonary arterial systolic pressure Doppler echocardiography 

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