Tricuspid and Pulmonary Valves

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  • Armando Sarti
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The tricuspid valve is involved in right ventricle enlargement, carcinoid syndrome, rheumatic heart disease, and Loeffler’s syndrome, that can cause tricuspid stenosis. Tricuspid regurgitation is common in endocarditis, especially in drug- addicted patients and in Ebstein’s anomaly. Pulmonary stenosis is common in Noonan’s syndrome, carcinoid syndrome and in rheumatic diseases. Congenital forms, especially subvalvular, are related to Fallot’s. Pulmonary insufficiency is related to pulmonary hypertension, rheumatic disease, carcinoid syndrome and endocarditis. Both tricuspid and pulmonary valve may be well studied by echocardiography.


Tricuspid valve Ulmonary valve 

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