Conclusion and Cross-Cutting Themes

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Part of the Palgrave Studies in Climate Resilient Societies book series (PSCRS)


The conclusion takes examples from across the cases, communicating similarities and differences in how the case cities have understood and integrated urban resilience. This highlights how resilience is often put within the umbrella of climate change adaptation or sustainability frameworks and is in at least one case used synonymously with adaptive capacity. The chapter highlights examples from cases of best management practices and provides a reflection on how the cases demonstrate aspects of the global dialogue such as sustainable resource management, promoting inclusive and empowered local communities, encouraging knowledge sharing and providing technical support. The chapter concludes with connections to and application of key points to communities in developing countries, especially through local empowerment via knowledge and mapping, applying integrative planning, and working toward greater social equity and access to services.


Urban resilience Climate change adaptation Water-related extremes Integrated planning Sustainability 

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