Everybody Immersive Fashion_Human–Computer Interaction in VR

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This paper discusses preliminary research into the use and application of virtual reality (VR) as an immersive design environment for conceptual and technical development of fashion and apparel, for individual bodies. The aim of the research was to investigate participant engagement and response to first, immersion in the VR environment and second to avatars created from ‘real’ 3d body scan data as an alternative body format to the average, standard or ideal ‘fashion’ body. The research was undertaken in VR workshops, Everybody: Immersive Fashion Design, at the Slow Fashion Studio during the RMIT Gallery/Goethe-Institut’s Fast Fashion: the dark side of fashion exhibition (21 July–9 September 2017). Workshop participants were immersed in a VR environment using HTC VIVE hardware and the creative drawing tool, Google Tilt Brush. Participants were instructed to; first, accustom themselves to the VR (VIVE) environment, second, to learn basic (Tilt Brush) functions and third, to select a 3D database avatar and create a virtual garment. Workshops were open for public participation and no prior VR experience was necessary. Findings suggest the VR domain has potential as a viable Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) domain for both creative and technical apparel design and applicable to a diverse body range.


Virtual reality VR Human–Computer interaction HCI Clothing size Anthropometric Body scanning 


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