Plants as Fabricators of Biogenic Platinum Nanoparticles: A Gambit Endeavour

  • Babita Jha
  • Anal K. Jha
  • Kamal Prasad
Part of the Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences book series (NALIS)


The chapter presents a synoptic overview of fabrication of platinum nanoparticles and envisages the importance and benefits of plant-mediated fabrication of biogenic platinum nanoparticles. It summarizes the up-to-date advances in the fabrication of platinum nanoparticles by plants and other biological sources, and highlights as to why plants as fabricators of biogenic platinum nanoparticles have drawn an unequivocal attention. It focuses on the possible benefits of employing plants in comparison to other biological sources and critically discusses the underlying bioreductive mechanism.


Biogenic Platinum nanoparticles Microorganisms Plant extracts Terpenoids Proteins Enzymes Biomolecules 


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