The War and Its Impact on Research: 1943–1945

  • Albert N. Greco


Researchers at the atomic research facilities at Los Alamos and elsewhere needed access to scholarly information, and this was a problem because of the impact of the war and the severe security policies at these “atomic cities.” This chapter describes the work of Professor Langer at the Office of Strategic Services to launch a program to acquire secret German scientific research, the government’s seizure of German copyrighted scholarly publications and the republication program, the decision to consider killing Werner Heisenberg (who led the German atomic research during the war), the creation of a secret research library at Los Alamos, the development of plans for the atomic bomb, and the G.I Bill. President Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb ended the war, and the Bretton Woods conference set the stage for the growth of scholarly publishing in the sciences and the social sciences.


Atomic cities Decision to use the bomb on Japan General Groves G.I. Bill J. Robert Oppenheimer Office of Strategic Services Seizure of German secret research scholarly journals and books 

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