The Impact of the Depression and Nuclear Research on Universities, Research, and Scholarly Publishing: 1929–1941

  • Albert N. Greco


Before 1939, Europe was the center of scientific research, including major atomic research projects in Germany. Albert Einstein, Leo Szilard, and others became concerned about the potential threat posed by Germany if it developed an atomic bomb. This chapter addresses Einstein’s 1939 letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt requesting that the U.S. ratchet up atomic research, Roosevelt’s response to Einstein’s letter, the role played by the National Bureau of Standards (and its impact triggering 227 scientific journals to “censor” the publication of atomic research in the U.S.), the creation of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, and ultimately the Manhattan Project’s impact on scientific research.


Albert Einstein’s letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt Atomic bomb Development and number of scholarly books and journals in the U.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt Impact of the depression on scholarly publishing Nuclear experiments in Europe and Germany Office of Scientific Research and Development 

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