Human Existence Between the Forest (Nature) and Home (Technology)

  • Vasilii M. VoronovEmail author
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In the article views (considered, investigated) the situation in the sphere of human-nature-technology relations in various philosophical-anthropological aspects. The environmental issues are understood as a result of the human existence that, on the one hand, cannot explore the world to the full, and, on the other hand, always strives to have its fully explored place in it. The mental images of ‘home’ and ‘woods’ are used by the author as phenomenological and symbolic clues for understanding the essence of the way technology and nature are related to people. The possibility of solving the present-day environmental issues by a discretionary action, for example by adoption of new environmental strategies or by changing of the sociopolitical regime, is put under scrutiny. Methodologically, the author uses the perspective of the phenomenological understanding of the ‘living matter’ (woods, ΰλη) developed by the famous Russian philosopher and translator V. V. Bibikhin.


Human Nature Environmental problems Woods (forest) Technology Home 


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