eleven: 23 FEBRUARY 1972

  • Graham Burchell
Part of the Michel Foucault, Lectures at the Collège de France book series (MFL)


I. Endogenous process. The function of peace institutions in the Middle Ages: 1/ constitution of a space of justitia guaranteed by the judiciary as public authority; 2/ constitution of better assured zones of taxation which double the procedure; 3/ distribution of arms, intervention of force, and formation and development of the professional army. Concentration, centralization, and virtual State takeover of justice. II. Exogenous processes. The fourteenth and fifteenth century crises and major social struggles transform justice. Important phenomena: 1/ the functioning of Parlement as center of every practice of justice; 2/ the king is justiciar as sovereign; 3/ Parlement becomes a component of a State apparatus.


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