Process Control of Sintered Ag Joint in Production for Die Attach Applications

  • K. S. SiowEmail author
  • V. R. Manikam
  • S. T. Chua


This chapter reviews the main process steps and equipment in producing sintered Ag joints as die attach joint, associated process control, and related tools to enable this control and reliability tests. The primary process steps of sintered Ag joints are substrate/wafer printing, preheating, die laminating, placement, and pressure sintering. Unlike solder joint, sintered Ag joint does not form intermetallic with the common substrates used in the die attach joints nor resolidify upon joint formation. In spite of these differences, the process control of the sintered Ag joints is quite similar to the traditional epoxy adhesives and solder die attach, as the former also uses tools such as SEM, optical microscopy, die shear tester, etc., to measure the porosity and fillet heights, die placement, rotation, and tilt as well as bond strength. However, the die placement and pressure-sintering steps require additional care because of the absence of self-alignment and ability to rework in a solid-state sintering process. In addition, the measurement of nano-sized porosity and voids is also crucial to control properties of the sintered Ag joint, such as density, thermal conductivity, and thermal-mechanical stresses. These pore structures also depend on the different processing steps and materials formulation used in the manufacturing process. Other failure analysis tools like DSC-TGA, TMA, TEM, TOF-SIMS, C-SAM, thermography, X-ray radiography, thermal impedance analysis, and FEA modeling are also introduced here within the context of manufacturing the sintered Ag joint en masse.


Sintered silver (Ag) Pressureless sintering Pressure sintering High-temperature die attach Power semiconductors 



We greatly acknowledge the feedback and support from Marco Koelink (Boschman Technologies BV), Giulio Locatelli (Locatelli Meccanica S.r.l.), Eric Kuah (ASM Technology) colleagues, managers, and friends involved in bringing this sintered Ag technology to the mainstream market. KSS also acknowledges Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Research Grants (GUP-2017-055 “Production of Metallic Conducting Nanowires for Industrial Applications”) for this work.


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